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The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast is hosted by Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D., clinical expert on the narcissistic personality, psychotherapist and author. I offer in-depth analysis, strategies and practices for those psychologically and emotionally harmed and abused by toxic, predatory narcissistic personalities through my books: Recovering and Healing After the Narcissist and Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life, international telephone consultations and global podcasts. I put the emphasis on helping individuals to access the calming, restorative parts of the parasympathetic body/mind systems that lead to healing, recovery, personal transformation and the evolution of your true, authentic self and your unique creative gifts.

Jan 31, 2020

Empaths are unique individuals; they are highly attuned to the feelings of others, particularly their partners and spouses. I frequently hear from empaths who report that they are treated with disdain, intimidation, blatant lies, transgressions, humiliations by their spouses.

Empaths and narcissists are on opposite...

Jan 29, 2020

Being married to a narcissistic personality is exceedingly stressful on every level.

Develop routines that enhance your physical, psychological, emotional and creative ell-being. 

A couple of restorative and calming examples:

Calming the body/mind through diaphragmatic breathing.

Discover a form of beauty each day -...

Jan 25, 2020

When you are enmeshed with a high level narcissists, you days can be defined by him/her. You are their psychological and emotional possession. 

The narcissist cannot be loyal or true to anyone. They take and keep everything for themselves, especially other people's partners.

They are obsessed with the chase, the thrills...

Jan 22, 2020

The high level narcissist does everything they can to perpetuate, protect and drive their power. Always scheming and climbing the narcissist steps on the feelings, emotional vulnerabilities and psychological pain of others. 

The high level narcissist has perfected a series of very attractive false self masks that draw...

Jan 19, 2020

Narcissists at the top of the game are irresistible--dazzling. It is almost impossible to say "No" to them. They ooze charm and charismas out of their pores. They make you feel desirable, brilliant, talented, extraordinary. They are voracious in their need for adoring attention, seductive cues, promises of...