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The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast is hosted by Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D., clinical expert on the narcissistic personality, psychotherapist and author. I offer in-depth analysis, strategies and practices for those psychologically and emotionally harmed and abused by toxic, predatory narcissistic personalities through my books: Recovering and Healing After the Narcissist and Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life, international telephone consultations and global podcasts. I put the emphasis on helping individuals to access the calming, restorative parts of the parasympathetic body/mind systems that lead to healing, recovery, personal transformation and the evolution of your true, authentic self and your unique creative gifts.

Jul 31, 2020

If you are married to or partnered with a high level narcissist you are possibly in a state of perpetual oxidative stress which includes insomnia, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, headaches, etc.

To amplify the true nature of these exceedingly cruel individuals I quote from my book: Freeing Yourself From...

Jul 30, 2020

Quoting from my book: Freeing Yourself From the Narcissist in Your Life that sets the stage for the high level narcissist:

"Like water cascading down a falls, compliments and tributes must flow to the narcissist at all times...Narcissists recount endless stories of his triumphs and expects others to tell him...

Jul 28, 2020

Lying is a serious act of betrayal. When you have a relationship with someone whom you trust and they lie to you it has painful consequences to you. Everything about this relationship is now in question, especially if it is close and of length and meaning. 

The high level narcissist continuously lies. This is...

Jul 24, 2020

Gall is a "brazen boldness coupled with assurance and insolence." 

Hubris from ancient Greeks - "Exaggerated pride and self confidence" Ancient Greeks describe hubris as "a dangerous character flaw capable of provoking the wrath of the gods." 

Quote from my book: Freeing Yourself From the Narcissist in...

Jul 21, 2020

We have an immense population of high level narcissists. Don't try to wake up a high level narcissist from their slumber of intractable delusion and extreme self entitlement. 

The high level narcissist has been lost in the desert of non reality throughout his/her years. This is particularly the case if he or she

is the...