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The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast is hosted by Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D., clinical expert on the narcissistic personality, psychotherapist and author. I offer in-depth analysis, strategies and practices for those psychologically and emotionally harmed and abused by toxic, predatory narcissistic personalities through my books: Recovering and Healing After the Narcissist and Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life, international telephone consultations and global podcasts. I put the emphasis on helping individuals to access the calming, restorative parts of the parasympathetic body/mind systems that lead to healing, recovery, personal transformation and the evolution of your true, authentic self and your unique creative gifts.

Jun 25, 2020

Disposable means someone or something that is disposable, something that can be replaced.

High level narcissists creates a series of false selves.

Below the surface is the damaged real self; empty, incapable of attachment or love. 

Your burnished image of high level narcissist with your gifts, appearance, ways you relate to people socially, your professional background, family background, your authenticity.

As time moves forward you begin to see through their act and the harsh dark real self is revealed in full.

They lie, manipulate, humiliate, exploit and betray you. They have no mercy. They are ultimate takers. 

You have a time of awakening to the true reality. You decide to end this non-relationship and return back to your true self with your creativity, solitude, openness, enjoyment, spontaneity.