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The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast is hosted by Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D., clinical expert on the narcissistic personality, psychotherapist and author. I offer in-depth analysis, strategies and practices for those psychologically and emotionally harmed and abused by toxic, predatory narcissistic personalities through my books: Recovering and Healing After the Narcissist and Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life, international telephone consultations and global podcasts. I put the emphasis on helping individuals to access the calming, restorative parts of the parasympathetic body/mind systems that lead to healing, recovery, personal transformation and the evolution of your true, authentic self and your unique creative gifts.

Jul 31, 2023

Psychological fusion represents the need to identify and merge with the high level narcissist.  This occurs as a result of emotional and psychological deficits and causes a sense of being incomplete as an individual. 

Those who experience this fusion seek the high level narcissist for validation and a sense of worth and purpose.

The causes of psychological fuson can be the result of childhood trauma, maternal deprivation and abandonment issues.

You feel emotionally damaged, less than, incomplete with feelings of worthlessness, guilt, lacking value and importance as an individual. 

Each time that you return to the high level narcissist you put yourself in the hands of this unempathic, controlling individual 

At a time of insight and deep understanding you decide to separate from the high level narcissist with the practice of self care: going at your own pace, sleep and rest that you deserve, healing and restoration through Nature, activating your unique creativity, movement and exercise that works for you.  

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