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The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast

Welcome to my The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast. In this series of podcasts I speak about multiple facets of the narcissistic personality and help my listeners to perceive and understand the narcissist clearly and fully. I appreciate that I can share my knowledge and clinical experience of the narcissistic personality, both overt and covert narcissist and share this with those who are and have been going through narcissistic abuse in its many forms. I hear from many individuals who are working so hard to free themselves from the narcissistic personalities in their lives, including, narcissistic parents, narcissistic siblings and those who are married to and divorcing narcissistic spouses and dealing with narcissistic ex-spouses. 

Understanding the psychic structure of the narcissistic personality, the beginning of the narcissistic character from earliest childhood is significant aspect of your understanding of the narcissist at his/her psychological core. 

I follow the narcissistic personality throughout his/her days from toddlerhood into mature adulthood, always mindful of the psychological and emotional damage that they wreak upon others. 

Discovering how you can recover and transform yourself despite and after the narcissist in your life is a journey well worth taking. Learning to put yourself first, to live in the moment of each precious experience, to explore and deepen your many creative gifts, to call upon the healing and restorative waters of the parasympathetic nervous system through your many creative gifts, your attunment to your real original self, to participate in the beauty and companion with Nature, to develop relationships with individual of integrity whom you can trust - this is the pathway of recovery and transformation, the road less traveled that is the pathway to rediscovering your original authentic self.

My latest book Healing and Recovery After the Narcissist is available on Amazon: